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For Teachers and Staff


Fridays: Shut Down your Chromebooks!

Want to make Chromebook applications (including student testing) run better? We all need to turn off our Chromebooks once a week - students, staff, everyone. 

Enter: "Shut Down Fridays." Every Friday, let's turn off our Chromebooks so that they will update. Simply click the power button that displays on the lower left side of the screen if nobody is signed in to the the device. If a user is signed in, they need to click the little picture in the lower right of the screen and then click the power button. That's it! The Chromebook will do the rest.

If we could all celebrate Shut Down Fridays for classroom Chromebooks, Chromebooks that go home with students, and those Chromebooks in carts, all applications (especially testing) will run much better.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Herb at our Help Desk or call him at 557-8333. He is always happy to help!