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Magnet Program

Phillips Magnet Elementary school endeavors to build leaders who impact their communities in positive ways.  Students are taught leadership skills that help them lead in many areas including art, engineering and design.  At Phillips we understand that leaders can build a world that is better, but is also beautiful.  Join us as we journey toward building the creators of tomorrow.

Leadership Skills

We are leaders who are:

1. Proactive: We are quick to see and do what needs to be completed.

2.  Goal setting: We begin with the end in mind and work to accomplish our goals.

3. Prioritize: We understand which tasks we need to tackle first.

4. Communicators:  We think win-win when faced with choices or conflict.

5. Listeners:  We want to understand others' points of view and so listen to others.

6. Collaborators:  We work to synergize with others and multiply our strengths.

7.  Balanced:  We understand that academics is just part of who we are and work to find balance in our lives.

8. Lead: We develop our own voice to use for good in the world, and seek to help others find their own voices.

Creative Leaders Informed Leaders