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Parent Handbook


School dress is an important factor in maintaining a healthy, positive and safe learning environment

Phillips has an agreed upon school dress code that includes solid colored bottoms(except jeans and tight jeggings), and solid shirts with a collar. These clothes can be any color.

In addition, we follow the district wide expectations which includes the following:

Inappropriate types of clothing are short-shorts, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, football half-shirts or see-through mesh shirts, baggy pants, logos promoting drug or alcohol use, profanity, or intolerance against ethnic or religious groups, or other types of attire that interfere with the instructional program. Short hems must be at least the length of the longest finger on the hand-to-thigh.

Shoes must be worn at all times and be appropriate to student safety and include at least a strap around the back of the foot. Flip-flop type sandals are not appropriate for wear at school. Shoe laces must be tied at all times.

Hats and hoods will not be worn in the classrooms.

If you have questions about our school dress code, please inquire in the school office.

  • Any form of dangerous object that could be used as a weapon including real or toy guns, knives, or pocket knives or other sharp objects.
  • Any electronic devices such as cell phones, radios, stereos, iPods, etc. unless part of a student presentation or project with the knowledge and permission of the classroom teacher.
  • Any trading/game cards or toys

Note: Cell phones needed for after school use must be turned off and kept in the student’s backpack or checked at the office for safekeeping until after school. Any violation of this rule will result in the cell phone being confiscated only to be released to the parent or guardian.

Students are not permitted to sell anything on campus except as part of an organized fundraising effort on behalf of student council, parent club, or other approved non-profit organizations.

We are very proud of our students and their commitment to keeping Phillips a place where everyone can feel safe and secure.

During recess students will:

  1. Be respectful of other’s feelings and encourage one another.
  2. Share equipment and include anyone who wants to play (for larger games, the west field is designated for upper grade students).
  3. Play games by official rules—No made-up rules.
  4. Play only in designated areas– where they are easily visible to yard supervisors (no playing behind the tree line on the perimeter of the playground.)
  5. Play safely on equipment (no climbing up the slide) and meet height requirements for playing on the bars (no rough play)
  6. Be careful of smaller children.
  7. Freeze in place when the bell rings and then walk in an orderly way to their line when the whistle is blown.


Beginning early in the school year, students will be scheduled for library time each week. Students can check out books as long as they return them each week in good repair. Our librarian is available to assist students with research and materials needed for classroom projects or areas of interest.


All students will have opportunities to utilize classroom technology. Phillips Magnet Elementary recognizes technology as a tool for instruction and student learning. All classroom computers have internet access with built in protections to allow only student appropriate websites. Before using on-line services, the student and parent/guardian will be asked to sign the district’s indicating that the student understands and agrees to abide by specified user obligations and responsibilities
(Board Policy 6163.4(a)).

Materials belonging to the school are sometimes sent home for student use. Please help your student to treat them with care and to return them promptly when asked. Lost or damages items will be the responsibility of the parent. 

Students often forget or misplace clothing, books, backpacks, etc.

For your sanity and pocketbook, please take the time to label everything taken to school so they don’t get lost in the lost and found. In case the inevitable happens, check the lost and found barrel in the multi-use room. We will keep items for a reasonable length of time and then send them on to a local charity thrift store.

Students are urged not to bring valuable items or excessive amounts of money to school.

We use Peachjar to distribute flyers to families.

The permission of the Director of K-12 Education and Principal is required before posting or distributing any material on the campus. If you have a classroom related or Parent Club notice to be distributed, please submit a copy to the school secretary for Mr. Manning's initial. Please do not put anything in teacher’s boxes for distribution without prior approval. Thank you.

When dropping off and picking up your student we ask that you drive through the lot using the route below. Please use the designated loading zone as shown on the map to drop off and pickup your children. Staff members are available after school to assist you in this area.

During pickup, for obvious safety reasons students will not be allowed to get into a car outside of the parking area unless accompanied by an adult.

Phillips traffic flow

AM Kindergarteners: Pick up at 1:10 pm in person.

AM Kindergarteners: Pick up at 3:00 pm

Please come to the lunch tables at the play structure side of Rooms 2 & 3 and the children will be walked out by their teacher. 

With our very limited space, we appreciate the difficulty of parking while visiting the school. To make our small parking lot function efficiently, we have a few rules:

1. Staff Parking: Please refrain from using the reserved staff parking spaces at all times. We have many itinerant staff members who arrive at various times during the week and must be able to reach the building quickly to fulfill their responsibilities.

2. Red Curb Area: Please do not leave your car unattended in the red curb area at the front of our school. This area must remain clear for school district and city busses.

3. Neighbors: Please be considerate of our neighbors and be sure not to block any driveways or park illegally.