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TK and Kindergarten

YES!  We are so excited to welcome our new Transitional Kindergarten (TK) families on Wednesday, August 9th.  Be sure to write the date/time down on your calendar and bring your child with you.  


Transitional Kindergarten Oritentation
  •  Just a few families at a time for 90 minutes to get a more personalized experience. 

  •  A chance to meet the teacher ahead of time and get to know each other.

  •  A guided tour of the school, stopping at key places, will be provided.

  •  Visit our Family Resource Center and meet our Parent Liaison.

  •  Learn valuable information about our Magnet, our policies, and our practices.

  •  And learn how to stay involved in your child’s education.



Our Commitment to Excellence

Multi-Use Room

August 9th


We are leaders and innovators
with a goal to improve
ourselves and our community
by being respectful, responsible,
safe, and kind scholars.

Your Orientation Time


Please be on time as we have a packed 90 min! If you need to change your time, please call the Family Resource Center on August 7th (253-3481).

We are so proud of what Phillips Magnet Elementary has to offer your child and we welcome you to our Phillips Family!

As your child begins school, their development of independence in three main areas is essential. We would like to share these areas with you now, so you have time to help your child practice over the summer.  

Cartoon Drawing of Kindergarten Students

1. Independence in Toileting

Students will need to leave the classroom and walk down the hall to the bathroom. This means they should be able to go to the bathroom, wipe, and dress without help.  They will need to be able to tell someone if they have an accident.

2. Independence in Dressing 

  • If a child has an accident, they should be able to remove those clothing items, clean up, and put on new clothing items independently. They will then put the dirty items in a bag to take home. It will be important to keep a change of clothes in a bag in their backpack throughout the school year.  

  • Children should be able to pull their pants and underwear up and down. 

  • Please practice clothing independence with the following things:

    • Buttons and zippers.  Belts too, if your child wears them.  

    • Putting a sweater or jacket on and off. 

    • Opening and closing their backpack. 

    • Putting their shoes on and taking them off.

  • It is highly recommended children wear velcro shoes, as this enables children to put shoes on and take them off independently. If you choose to send your child to school with shoes with laces,  please practice this skill with your child.

3. Independence in Eating

  • Children should be able to open their lunch box, baggies, and containers.  Please practice having them open anything you will send with them. If you choose to give your child drinks with straws, please practice and teach your child how to poke the straw into the drink.

  • If they get a school lunch, they will need to be able to carry their own plate or paper “boat” and scoop out food (fruits and vegetables) using a large spoon or tongs when they access the salad bar.